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Rainy Days - Chapter Five: Progress (Part B)

Title: Rainy Days
Author: haru_e
Pairing: Yoosu, Jaeho, Yoomin
Genre: Romance, fluff, angst
Rating: PG – PG13
Length: Chaptered-fic
Summary: It’s the umpteenth time Kim Junsu is out of love. Feeling thoroughly exhausted, he vows never to fall in love so easily again. Meanwhile, Park Yoochun is in need of money and stumbles upon a deal to make Junsu fall in love with him – then dump him heartlessly.

Chapter Five: Progress (Part B)

Yoochun glanced sideways at the shorter male as they stepped out of the Chinese restaurant. Junsu was looking better after the satisfying dinner, although he had been giving him one-word replies all the way. Yoochun cursed himself mentally.

Way to go. Junsu is never going to fall for me now.

Feeling a sinking motion in him, he frowned at the thought of his father’s debt. This wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

They continued walking in silence before a few drops of liquid hit his arm, causing Yoochun to stop in the middle of a quiet sigh. Rain.

“Shelter,” he mumbled before grabbing Junsu’s hand and running to a dark, deserted shelter some distance in front of them. He heard Junsu’s surprised protest but didn’t stop till they reached cover, where they were safe from the drizzle.

A moment passed, and Junsu actually forgot about his one-word answers. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah,” Yoochun tried to get rid of the frown on his face. Stop acting like a freak. “I’m okay.”

Junsu nodded uncertainly, and they spent the next five minutes staring into the faint streaks of rain. Looking at the harmless raindrops fall onto the ground with dull plopping sounds only made Yoochun feel worse, but he couldn’t seem to stop staring at how they fell and hit the ground, forming a brief shield-like circle around themselves.


Yoochun tore his gaze away from the puddles. Junsu appeared to be looking intently at the couple walking past under a small pink umbrella.

“Are you scared of the… rain?”

Wha—of course n-not!” Yoochun turned back to the drizzle hastily, hand running through his hair to try and cover up his mortified expression.

He heard Junsu stifling a giggle and decided to give up acting dumb—Junsu would guess it sooner or later anyway. He spun towards Junsu in an attempt to give a sharp answer, but felt the words catch in his throat at the beautiful sight; Junsu’s lips were curved into a perfect smile, eyes slightly squinted, with a gentle shadow falling on the side of his face to compliment his soft features. Realizing he was looking like a lovesick idiot with his mouth open, Yoochun glanced away and leaned back heavily on the rough cemented wall.

“I just… dislike it.”


“I don’t know,” Yoochun wrinkled his nose at the softening drizzle. “It’s all wet and damp and—”

Junsu laughed. “It’s rain! What’d you expect?”

“That’s why I hate it, alright? Damp and dirty and grey and cloudy and…”


“And… well, sad.”

Junsu chose to stop laughing at the moment and Yoochun hurriedly continued, trying to break the heavy atmosphere that he had created.

“I mean, it’s like if you get drenched, you’ll be affected and get all depressed too. Just like that day I first saw you when you broke up—”

Yoochun nearly hit himself. Good job, Park Yoochun. You just have to remind a guy of his failed relationship on the first date, don’t you?

“I, uh… Sorry,” Yoochun glanced at a suddenly quiet Junsu—it was quite upsetting to look at after his bright smile. He realized with a jolt a couple of seconds later that if he were to succeed in making Junsu fall in love with him, the smile would similarly fade away in the end.

Another few seconds passed as Yoochun struggled hard to think of consoling words. Junsu finally spoke. “Wait for me.”

It seemed like an order, and before Yoochun could react, Junsu had already run out into the crowd. Yoochun almost reached out to pull him back, but his speed was amazing—he had already disappeared into a group of people on the left.

Time seemed to pass too slowly, because the image of Junsu’s dejected back in the rain kept playing back in his mind. He took out his cell phone from his pocket, almost succumbed to the urge to call Jaejoong, but he looked up and saw Junsu jogging towards him, hands at his back. He slipped the cell phone back into his pocket.

“Where did you go?”

“Ta-da,” Junsu announced breathlessly, revealing a familiar pink-colored stick from behind. There were some shimmery raindrops on his head, although the rain had completely stopped by now.

“You’re going to get cavities,” Yoochun said, pulling the panting male to lean on the wall next to him.

Junsu waved the candy in front of his face, still catching his breath. Yoochun waited patiently.

“It’ll make everything better,” he said, taking a bit of the candy and putting it in his mouth.

Yoochun laughed. Junsu was so simple. “Alright.”


“Ah?” Yoochun repeated unthinkingly, and a piece of cotton candy flew into his mouth. He choked and held onto Junsu’s shoulder, glaring at him.

“If I’m getting cavities, you are too.” Junsu beamed and continued eating the fluffy candy.

Yoochun folded his arms, but felt glad on the inside. At least Junsu was looking better. He watched as the shorter male stuffed candy into his mouth, eyes brimming with childish delight.

His mouth must have been ajar because another big piece of candy found its way into it. He licked some candy off his lips and turned away to pout at nothing. Feeling eyes on him, he looked back to find Junsu gazing at him intently.

He let out a nervous laugh. “What?”

“Nothing,” Junsu said, returning his attention to the cotton candy.

Yoochun didn’t probe further, and proceeded to glance at the puddles on the ground.

Junsu continued to devour the candy, feeling anything but relieved—there was no reason for him to stare at Yoochun like that. He was thinking too much about the odd feeling in his chest. It had to be all the romance dramas that were showing on TV recently. Being out on a date with another guy was making him get the wrong vibes, and it was making him feel like a girl.

It must be.

“Time to go home,” Yoochun said suddenly, pointing at the bare stick in Junsu’s hand.

“Oh,” Junsu hadn’t noticed that he had finished all of it. “Okay.”

He followed behind the other as they stepped out of the shelter into the darkening sky, slightly glad that his train of thought was broken.

He was definitely thinking too much.


Changmin tapped his blue pen on the second page of his homework, which he had been staring at since three hours ago. He allowed his eyes to stray from the essay he had been trying desperately to finish. The small digital clock on the table said eight thirty-six.

Which means they’ve been out for more than five hours.

He took a deep breath and leaned towards the table, forehead deliberately hitting the desk lightly. Reaching for his cell phone without glancing up, he fumbled through the sheets of paper to his right and touched a cold metal surface, before straightening himself and checking whether Junsu had returned his calls or messages.


Maybe I should go out and look for them.
Something might have happened—he did not have Yoochun’s number yet and Jaejoong wasn’t at home. And it’s Saturday after all, homework can wait till tomorrow.

Junsu said he was supposed to meet Yoochun at the amusement park.
It wasn’t too far from here, and Changmin knew how to get there.

Standing up quickly, he grabbed his keys from the top of the stack of books and darted out of the room.


The journey back home was one with barely any conversation, but Junsu didn’t feel the need to start one. He was keeping himself busy trying to tell his brain not to mull over any weird feeling that was bobbing around in him.

He wondered what Yoochun was thinking about, though. From the way he looked out of the window of the bus, it seemed like he had a lot on his mind too.

Junsu found himself wondering too much about the other again, and shook his head to empty the silly thoughts.

“Why are you shaking your head?”

He glanced up in surprise; Yoochun was looking at him with the same amused expression when he ate the cotton candy.

“Nothing,” Junsu gave a weak smile as they stopped at the lobby, waiting for the elevator to arrive.

They slipped into silence again, and Yoochun stole a peek at the person beside him. He had to act soon, or this would be the last of everything. A melodic ding signaled that the elevator was here and they stepped in, one after the other.

Go for it, Park Yoochun.


“Hmm?” Junsu continued staring at the closed door.

Just say it.



Say it!

“I… I like you.”

Junsu turned sharply at the confession, eyes wide in disbelief. Had he heard it correctly?

This can’t be happening.

For a moment, he thought he saw the uncertainty in him reflected in Yoochun’s eyes. Forcing his gaze back to the door, he licked his lips, at a loss on how to respond. He was supposed to bring Changmin and Yoochun together, not Yoochun and himself. This is crazy!

He wasn’t supposed to fall in love so easily again. And Changmin… What about Changmin?!

Junsu tried his best to clear his head and stop the absurd feeling in his chest at the same time.

Yoochun bit his lip as Junsu turned away from him. Was that a rejection? The gears in his mind worked anxiously as the elevator went up each level. Damn, only a few more levels to go.

Junsu finally looked back at him with a hesitant expression, about to open his mouth to speak.

At the same moment, without thinking, Yoochun brought a firm hand to the back of Junsu’s head, pulled him close and rested his lips against his. His lips were so soft; Yoochun felt something in him melt at the remaining sweet flavor of cotton candy. Taking advantage of a stunned Junsu, he drew him closer and started to deepen the kiss.

Almost immediately, the elevator doors opened noisily with a bang.

A barely audible gasp sounded next, and they broke apart, looking towards the direction of the voice.



You made it to the end! *gives cookies*
Was the chunky chapter too overwhelming?

Comments are very, very much appreciated ♥
Tags: chaptered, fic, jaeho, yoomin, yoosu
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