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Rainy Days - Prologue: Encounter

Title: Rainy Days
Author: haru_e
Pairing: Yoosu, Jaeho, Yoomin
Genre: Romance, fluff, angst
Rating: PG – PG13
Length: Chaptered-fic
Summary: It’s the umpteenth time Kim Junsu is out of love. Feeling thoroughly exhausted, he vows never to fall in love so easily again. Meanwhile, Park Yoochun is in need of money and stumbles upon a deal to make Junsu fall in love with him – then dump him heartlessly.

Prologue: Encounter

A gloomy, unwelcomed cloudburst on a Monday evening meant that crowds of people were walking home as fast as their exhausted feet could take them, with umbrellas shielding their heads.

That was the norm, except for an unaccompanied boy with dark brown hair halfway down a long winding path leading to the school hostel. Without an umbrella to shelter him from the downpour, he walked along the familiar route slowly, as if contemplating his steps carefully to avoid getting his feet into the numerous puddles on the uneven ground. The drops of rain seemed to land on him gently, afraid to add on to the heavy weight in his heart.

Junsu could not understand why he was walking in the rain again. Hadn’t he been a hundred percent sure about this relationship? Why had it ended this way too?

“You’re too good to me.”

How could that be a reason to end a relationship?

“It’s not your fault; it’s mine.”

“I lied about everything.”

“I just think we would be better off as friends.”

“…You’re a nice guy, really.”

Even after so many failed relationships with terrible breakup lines, Junsu could never figure it out. He could never understand what led to those breakups. Was he the blind one? Or were those girls blinded at the beginning?

He felt like he was cursed. Cursed with endless unsuccessful relationships, endless outings in the rain and endless heartbreaks.

The pouring rain gradually soothed to a drizzle and Junsu closed his eyes for a moment, vowing never to fall in love and give his everything to someone else so foolishly again. The same old thing was not going to happen to him for another time; no more walking in the rain.


“Oh damn.”

He had just placed his right foot in the middle of a huge mud puddle a few inches away from the path and half of his jeans was soaking wet. Staring at the drowning foot, he shook his head slightly. Then again, did it matter anyway? He was thoroughly wet and his white t-shirt and faded blue jacket were sticking to his cold, clammy skin.

Junsu tried to pull his leg out but it stayed where it was, apparently stuck deep in the muddy water. Puffing out a wisp of warm air in exasperation, he pulled harder. This time it shifted a little, but otherwise still trapped.

Junsu sighed at his feeble attempts. It was probably due to the fact that he had not been sleeping or eating well for the past few days. How am I going to get out of this—

“Do you need help?” An unsure but warm voice sounded behind him.

Turning his head around in surprise, Junsu saw a rather attractive but masculine boy around his age with light toffee-colored hair. In stark contrast to Junsu, he was pretty much dry in a grey hoodie and jeans with a translucent umbrella above his head. He had a pair of headphones hanging round his neck to complete the look.

Junsu forced a smile. “I could do with some.”

The guy moved over so that the umbrella was now sheltering the both of them. “Could you hold on to this?”

Nodding his head, Junsu took the umbrella. He felt a hand on his right arm and another on his left, and with a sharp pull, his soaked foot emerged from the puddle, causing him to back a few steps into the stranger.

“Thanks,” Junsu said appreciatively, straightening himself.

“No problem,” the guy gave a grin and took the umbrella back from Junsu, still covering the both of them nonetheless. “You’re going back to the hostel right?”

“Yeah,” Junsu answered, half wondering if he should be a tad more wary of this friendly stranger.

“That’s great, I just moved here,” he said cheerfully as they continued walking down the path. “My name’s Park Yoochun, you?”

“Uh,” something in Junsu told him to consider giving a fake name, but he dismissed the thought. “I’m Kim Junsu.”

“Kim Junsu,” he echoed, then pointed to the pink building ahead of them. “I’m in Room 102, what about you?”

“Oh,” Junsu paused at the coincidence uncertainly although he had heard noises from the previously vacant room yesterday. “Room 103.”

“Wow,” Park Yoochun grinned wider, running his free hand through his hair. “We’re just next to each other.”

Not knowing what else to say, Junsu simply smiled in return.

They walked the rest of the distance without conversation and Junsu’s mind wandered back to the breakup as he heard a slow song blasting from the headphones slung around Park Yoochun’s neck. Distantly, he wondered if Park Yoochun would think he was some antisocial weirdo for not talking much.

“I guess it’s goodbye for now then, Junsu,” Park Yoochun said as Junsu realized that they had exited the elevator and were already heading toward their rooms. He lingered for a moment when they reached their respective room doors. “You don’t mind me calling you ‘Junsu’ right? You can call me ‘Yoochun’ too.”

“Sure,” Junsu shrugged; it did not matter much to him at that point of time. “See you soon.”

“See you,” Yoochun chirped and entered his room as Junsu’s forced smile faded away slowly.


A/N: ..Cliché plot much? *shudders at the lousy summary* D: I hope to twist it around a little.
If anyone's interested, I'll continue writing :)
Tags: chaptered, fic, jaeho, yoomin, yoosu
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