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Rainy Days - Chapter Four: Secret

Title: Rainy Days
Author: haru_e
Pairing: Yoosu, Jaeho, Yoomin
Genre: Romance, fluff, angst
Rating: PG – PG13
Length: Chaptered-fic
Summary: It’s the umpteenth time Kim Junsu is out of love. Feeling thoroughly exhausted, he vows never to fall in love so easily again. Meanwhile, Park Yoochun is in need of money and stumbles upon a deal to make Junsu fall in love with him – then dump him heartlessly.

A/N: It's been a month!! Sorry about that D:
I thought I was never ever going to have the time to write .__.
Oh in case anybody noticed, I took something out of the summary, but no worries, it's nothing major.

Hopefully the next chapter will be up slightly faster! ♥

Chapter Four: Secret

“Get rid of that horrible ringtone,” Jaejoong complained, looking up from a fashion magazine as Yoochun leapt across his neatly-made bed, arms stretched out to reach for the cell phone singing an 80’s pop song loudly on the side table.

Yoochun gave a snort. “It’s not nearly as awful as yours.”

Jaejoong was about to start another one of their usual debates on their considerably different music tastes (and probably throw in a lecture on a hundred and one reasons not to mess up tidied beds), but he realized the other’s expression had turned serious upon recognizing the caller ID. It didn’t take him long to guess who it was on the other end.


“Chun? It’s me—”

Yoochun sat up stiffly as Jaejoong hurried over and plastered his ear to the other side of the black clamshell.

“I know. I told you I’ll be getting the money, didn’t I?”

“B-But I need the money soon, they said—”

“I’m not some money-printing machine.”

“Chun, please…”

The familiar plea was on the top of Yoochun’s most hated list. It made him feel like the unfilial son in some TV drama whenever his father did that. “I… I’m trying.”

“Chun… I’m sorry.”

“You never are.”

With that, Yoochun flipped his phone shut and threw it across the bed in frustration. It bounced on the mattress and landed on the edge, threatening to fall over anytime.


He felt a delicate poke on his left cheek, and turned slightly to return Jaejoong’s concerned smile to show that he was okay. He had to be; it was all like some sick habit that wouldn’t go away no matter how hard he tried, so there was no point in brooding over it again and again.

The conversation echoed in his head and Yoochun frowned and crawled over to retrieve his phone. For him to try to get at least part of the money first, he needed to contact one person.

He reached the edge in time to scoop up the electronic device before it fell. “I have to call Shiwon.”


Jaejoong froze in mid-smile at the familiar name, disbelief flowing through him in a rush. It can’t be.

But he hadn’t looked through the agreement or Junsu’s full profile since the day Yoochun told him about it. This was also definitely the first time Yoochun mentioned anything about the other party to the contract.

Something in his chest raced uncontrollably, and he clutched at the bed sheets, licking his lips tensely before confirming what he had heard. “Shiwon?”

The words came out gentler than he thought.

“Yeah,” Yoochun scrolled through his contact list, oblivious to Jaejoong’s odd behavior. “The guy who got me into this stupid deal. Ah, here it is.”

He put the phone to his ear, and Jaejoong gaped wordlessly, mind unable to process the information instantly. It can’t be that Shiwon. There's got to be more than one Shiwon in the world. Too much of a coincide—


Jaejoong heard a distant greeting and felt his breath catch in his chest at the voice that he recognized all too quickly. All the reassurance in his mind was swiftly rendered useless. He pressed his lips together and hesitantly fixed his ear to the back of Yoochun’s phone once more.

“…How’s the deal going?”

“Uh, fine,” Yoochun said, pulling at a loose thread in the bed sheet. “Actually… I… Do you think it’s possible for you to give me half the sum first? I kind of… need the money urgently.”

A cold laugh rang in his ears, and Jaejoong tried not to cringe visibly. He had been hoping never to hear it again.

“Half the sum means half the work done. Has Kim Junsu fallen for you yet?”

“I, umm. Not yet,” Yoochun twirled the thread around his finger. “But he will, soon.”

“Call me again when ‘soon’ becomes ‘now’,” Jaejoong found himself frowning at the giggling female voice in the background. Shiwon seemed to ignore it and continued, “But remember, I’ll know whether you’re lying.”

“Got it.”

Yoochun ended the call with a sigh and leaned over, head resting slightly on Jaejoong’s shoulder. The both of them sat in silence, contemplating entirely different things, till Yoochun felt like speaking.

“I’m a fucking bastard, but I really have no choice now.”

Jaejoong tilted his head so that it was on top of Yoochun’s, still slightly dazed at the unwelcomed information. “Yoochunnie?”

Yoochun was still playing with the white strand of cloth. “Hmm?”

“…Be careful.”

“You should be telling Junsu that.” Yoochun laughed bitterly, gave a sharp tug and finally pulled out the solitary piece of thread.

Not clarifying himself, Jaejoong forced a smile as his thoughts went back to a particular silver-haired guy unwillingly.



The slumbering boy opened a fraction of his eyes, only to see a dark figure in an elegant, flowing dress towering over him on the bed slowly.

He let out an unmanly scream and tried to back away, but only succeeded in banging the top of his head hard against the headboard. When the ‘ghost’ started laughing, Yoochun scowled in realization.

“Fuck, Kim Jaejoong,” he rubbed the crown of his head gingerly. “Didn’t I tell you not to wear that freaking nightdress ever again?!”

“It’s pretty!” Although the only dim source of light was the moon peeking through the small gap between the curtains, Yoochun could see the small pout Jaejoong had now. “And it’s airy.”

“Okay, point noted. And you’ve successfully scared me out of my wits,” Yoochun shifted back to his original position and closed his eyes. “Now go back to sleep.”

“No, wake up!”

A rough smack landed on his cheek, and Yoochun grunted, attempting to kick Jaejoong’s butt off his bed. “I’ll look like a zombie for tomorrow’s date if I don’t get enough sleep!”

“I’m going out tomorrow too!” Jaejoong cried, securing his position on the bed by pushing Yoochun to the other side.

“Since when?” Yoochun grumbled, pulling his bolster to cover his ears.

“Second study session with Yunho, you idiot,” Jaejoong yanked at the bolster and they started to play tug-of-war with it.

Oh, right. Yoochun had been thinking too much about his date with Junsu to remember that Jaejoong had happily informed him of their weekly Saturday study sessions during dinner. Apparently this ‘Prince Yunho’ (as Jaejoong had affectionately called him) was failing all his subjects, but Yoochun had a sneaking suspicion that this ‘prince’ was probably infatuated with Jaejoong too, and was only using tuition as a convenient excuse.

Realizing the purple bolster had slipped from his hands when he was thinking, an exasperated Yoochun slapped a hand on his forehead. “Then go sleep!”

Jaejoong hugged his tug-of-war prize. “I can’t, I keep thinking of… him.”

“You’ll be seeing him tomorrow so tell your brain to stop the infatuation,” Yoochun finally sat up and got his revenge with a push to Jaejoong’s head.

He laughed as Jaejoong swung to side and back like a tumbler. When the other stayed unusually silent, he frowned and moved to see his face more clearly. He was staring right at—

Why are you sleeping naked again?!”

Yoochun almost choked on air. He spared a second thinking about the possibility of Junsu overhearing them, then pulled the blanket up to his chest defensively. “Why can’t I?!” Then he remembered Jaejoong making a huge fuss about him sleeping naked the first day they moved in. “I never agreed not to.”

Jaejoong made a whining noise. “It’s disgusting.”

“Wha—it’s airy, okay?” Yoochun tugged at Jaejoong’s long, silky sleeve. “And how does it affect you anyway?”

“It affects me because I just saw it,” Jaejoong pouted, resting his chin on the tip of the bolster.

“It’s not like you don’t have one,” Yoochun muttered, suppressing a snort. Jaejoong had a tendency to overreact sometimes.

He tried to lie back down on his pillow, but Jaejoong already had a strong grip on his arm. Knowing how stubborn he could be, Yoochun threw his hands up in surrender and sighed.

“Okay, okay! What do you want me to do??”

“… Count sheep with me till I fall asleep.”


Junsu glanced at his watch. Three fifteen.

Jaejoong had given him a call on Yoochun’s behalf to tell him to make his way to the amusement park, when he was in the middle of lunch with Changmin. The beginning of the day had passed with no news from Yoochun and Junsu was hoping that he had forgotten all about the date, but obviously he had no such luck.

On the other, he didn’t mind that it was getting late, of course, since it meant less time spent with Yoochun, but letting him wait like this was like dating his previous girlfriend, Park Shinhye, all over again.

Maybe he should leave. Recalling the look on Changmin’s face just now was enough to make him want to stay away from Yoochun.

Junsu stuffed his hands deeper into his pockets at the cold breeze, about to walk away from the amusement park entrance and head home instead when he spotted something moving from the corner of his eye. A smiling Yoochun was waving and jogging up to him.

No chance of escaping now.

“Sorry,” Yoochun said sheepishly. He looked great in jeans and a casual t-shirt and jacket, as usual. “I overslept, and Jaejoong was hogging the bathroom.”

Junsu tried a smile. “It’s okay.”

They started walking into the park, and a hand slipped naturally into his. Junsu pulled it out of the sudden warmth immediately. “Wait. I’m only here because I agreed to, not because I’m interested you.”

Yoochun paused and smiled, putting his rejected hand into his jeans pocket. “Okay.”

Junsu struggled to keep himself from feeling bad; Yoochun was partly to blame for tricking him like that anyway. It made him feel like a fool, and worse, it was making Changmin behave out of sorts. Changmin practically gobbled his way through last night, and would have most probably eaten their food supply for the week if Junsu hadn’t stopped him. Stupid—

Something big, pink and fluffy dangled in front of him suddenly and he took a step backwards before realizing it was cotton candy.

…How did Yoochun know he liked cotton candy?

“Here,” Yoochun pushed the candy into Junsu’s hands.

Junsu blinked at the pink candy, deciding that Yoochun bought it for him because the candy stall was just next to them.

“Why aren’t you having one?” He pulled out a bit of fluffy candy and put it in his mouth. The sweetness erupted and short-term bliss flowed through him. Junsu squeezed his eyes together in delight. Cotton candy always managed to give him a refreshing feeling no matter how many times he had it. Changmin had simply bought popcorn instead when Junsu told him about it.

Yoochun grinned at Junsu’s reaction to the candy. “I don’t eat sweet stuff.”

“Why?” Junsu licked a bit of spun sugar off his upper lip with a frown. Nobody could dislike cotton candy. “It’s nice. Try it.”

Yoochun opened his mouth to protest, but got candy shoved into it instead. He closed it, and the sugar dissolved into nothing, leaving only a lingering sweet flavor. It was weird, but it made him want another mouthful.

Junsu was looking at him with his head slanted to the side, and it reminded Yoochun of an adorable puppy.

“It’s okay I guess,” Yoochun faked an indifferent shrug, and swiped a big lump of candy from an unsuspicious Junsu. He felt the incredible melting of sugar again.

Hey!” Junsu moved his half-eaten cotton candy away from him in disapproval.

“I bought that, you selfish thing,” Yoochun attempted to grab the candy stick, but Junsu switched it to his left hand, which was stretched far away from him.

“You gave it to me!”

Without warning, Yoochun caught his right wrist, pulled, and Junsu stumbled towards him in surprise. Their faces were barely inches away from each other when Yoochun grinned at a dazed Junsu, taking the stick out of his hand.

“It’s mine now,” Yoochun laughed, letting go of Junsu’s hand and eating a bit of the candy.

“Cheater,” Junsu accused, putting a sugar-coated finger on his lips.

Only giving another satisfied smile in reply, Yoochun returned his attention to the cotton candy.

Junsu pouted. This was not fun at all. He thought dates should be treated like princesses, or rather princes, in his case. At least that was how he regarded his girlfriends in the past.

No, no, no. He wasn't supposed to enjoy this date at all, he was supposed to help Changmin.

“Where next?”

He considered for a moment before pointing at something behind Yoochun. “The Ferris wheel.”


“Hi,” Jaejoong grinned as Yunho opened the lustrous front door expectantly, giving him a warm smile in return.

He was able to reach on time, unlike Yoochun, who was still in the bathroom when he was rushing out of the hostel. The fact that Jaejoong was in the bathroom for so long that Yoochun threatened to knock the door down probably played a part in ensuring Yoochun’s tardiness, though.

Besides, they had stayed up for almost the whole night because Jaejoong counted to a thousand sheep and his mind was still wide awake. Yoochun’s eyes had turned into a thin line when he reached twenty, but Jaejoong didn’t allow him to go back to sleep—pulling away his blanket and hearing him shriek about the sudden rush of cold air was very effective. Luckily, Jaejoong finally entered dreamland when Yoochun started mumbling about Geography.

“You look tired,” Yunho commented, giving Jaejoong a scrutinizing look as they headed up the stairs to his room at the end of the corridor, walking past a couple of uniformed housekeepers.

“I didn’t have enough sleep,” Jaejoong scratched the side of his head, hoping that he didn’t look like a panda.

It was all that Shiwon’s fault. After he realized that Shiwon was the one who got Yoochun into the contract, there was this unsettling feeling in him that threatened to explode anytime. Fortunately, Yoochun didn’t know that Shiwon was the one on his mind last night, not Yunho. He couldn’t tell Yoochun about him, although he wasn’t sure whether Shiwon could be trusted on this deal. He and Shiwon were not supposed to meet each other ever again.

Yunho nodded, but didn’t probe any further. They reached his spacious room in a moment, and Jaejoong placed himself in the same armchair in front of the study desk. Yunho sat on the other armchair and pulled the stack of books towards him.

He glanced at Jaejoong again. “If you’re tired we can postpone this, you know.”

“It’s okay, really,” Jaejoong shook his head, but Yunho noticed that his usually bright eyes were half-closed. “Chemistry?”

“Okay,” Yunho pulled a thick, yellow book from the tidy pile organized by Jaejoong two days ago. He caught a few post-its sticking out by the side and flipped to the first one. Reading through the content on the page bit by bit, he finally found the part that he did not understand and turned to Jaejoong. “This—”

Yunho stopped and blinked. The person beside him had leaned back in the comfortable chair, his eyes closed and head tilted forward at a slight angle. Yunho’s lips curved into a small understanding smile.

Tuition postponed.

Getting up from his chair quietly, Yunho picked up the sleeping male with both arms, careful not to move too much and wake him up. He reached the bed, placed Jaejoong in the middle, took the blanket and dropped it lightly around the other’s shoulders. After gazing at the serene expression on Jaejoong’s face for a minute or two, he walked back to the table to try to figure out his numerous post-its.


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